How to Buy Gold & Silver



How to Buy Gold & Silver

In times of financial uncertainty, banking problems, companies collapsing such as MF Global, PG Best and the huge government debt spending, many people are deciding it's time to invest in gold.

Where and how to buy gold: There's 3 major ways to buy it. You can buy gold stocks and invest in a gold mining company. Of course with this, you won't have the physical metal and you're dependant on the stock market and the management of the mining company management.

You can by ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds and some funds are backed by actual gold bars. These funds, like stocks, can be traded easily.

For those who want actual control over their investment and without counterparty risk, buying physical gold is the way to go. You can buy gold bars either in the small 1 gram size or several ounces. Pure 999 Fine gold is the way to go.

Some sources of buying actual physical gold at a discount are: which sells all different types of gold bullion. For buying pure silver and Silver Eagle Coins; for those looking for 1 ounce gold bars, gold coins a good source for those are at;

No matter which way you want to buy gold, when government debt piles up it might be a good plan to diversify your assets.

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